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Roze Bunker story

Roze Bunker was born out of irritation towards the big bad soda industry. When Emile, Mélanie and Kester found out how polluting it is, they came up with Soft Drinks as a solution. Why displace unnecessary water and not just use good ingredients with a mission?

Once upon a time, when there was no syrup but beers brewing in his mother's bathroom, Emile's neighbor girl walked in. "What's your brand of beer actually called?", she asked. After some muttering from him, she exclaimed, "but we're in a Roze Bunker anyway!" From then on, the name became synonymous with a world where everyone is welcome and we work together for a better world.

Roze Bunker Syrup is made as a base for Soft Drinks. Add 7 parts tap water and you get a crate of soda from one bottle. We are the only soft drink brand daily among the ingredients: from farm to glass.

Since October 2020, we have a fantastically beautiful site in Culemborg. In our mini-farm we experiment with taste and ingredients. Would you like to drop by sometime? Contact us via email:

Yes and we are very proud of that! Starting with a few discarded lemons from the greengrocer, we are now processing large quantities of discarded fruit and working towards a more logical food system. No one can get away with that mission 🙂

Emile Corre: founder and movement

Melanie Corre: Thirsty brand style

Jeroen Groot: Mr. Operations chief

Tom van Styn: Wild Production Manager

Miriam Groot: Madame Social Media

Lynn Holsheimer: Sales Power

Merel Bekking: Office all-round Power

Myrthe: Production Power

Bertus Tulleners: Mad Sustainability chief

Pien Isfordink: Miss Production

Luuk: Thirsty sales

Jordy: Distribution Power

Rodrigo: Mr. Sales

Mission Fruit Bearers

One bottle of Roze Bunker is one crate of soda. As a result, you move less water and packaging. Because we pack less, we are cheaper per consumption than Coca Cola. Each flavor has its own mission divided into the following steps:


  1. NO WASTE:
    Reducing the damage within today's food industry
    'From head to tail' processing, this is how we work with other food producers to create a more logical system without waste.

Ultimately, fruit farmers are working toward new forms of agriculture, working with nature from the ground to the glass. A system where more biodiversity makes sense and the farmer can earn a normal living.


Fruit butchers process Roze Bunker fruit from head to tail like real butchers.

With every sip of Roze Bunker, you solve a food industry problem, or a little bit of one. We are working hard to create a more logical and sustainable system by partnering with farmers and other food producers.

We turn a portion of our empty bottles into drinking glasses. We are trying to work toward making this proportion much larger. Unfortunately, this kind of process is still very expensive and the hospitality industry is not used to paying for glassware from a soft drink brand. The other bottles end up in the bottle bank; for now this process is more sustainable than collection and recycling. We still have to grow a lot for that if we want to make those logistics sustainable....

Fruit butchers select only ingredients that solve problems or can provide knowledge for a better food system.

Gekke Bessen, Madame Gember and Smoked Lime are made from leftover fruit. We process this fruit into juice. We often then process the pulp back into our vinegars and what is left of it we distill into alcohol with which we make our Basilimoncello.

Last year we sowed our Wilde IJsthee herbs at a farmer next to Culemborg, this year we are again experimenting with which seeds will take root best on our own soil.

Citrus Movement works with limoncellomakers. They use the peel and we process the residuals to juice. Furthermore, we work with each flavor toward a circular process in which we value all residual products.

Serving tips!

Roze Bunker can be used as a flavor base for almost any drink. Soft drinks, cocktails, slush, water ices, mocktails ... Want to know more? On the website we have serving tips for each flavor.

Roze Bunker is the base for every cocktail! At least for a lot of cocktails. Check the website by flavor to see what serving suggestions there are.

Business questions

We have: posters, glasses, serving systems, T-shirts, flyers, tickets, signs, postcards and soon more. If you would like to promote Roze Bunker in your café, please contact us:

Roze Bunker is primarily focused on hospitality, but we are also available through some very nice stores. Look for the bottles on this map.


Would you like to sell Roze Bunker in your store? You can, just send us an email:


We are mainly active in the Netherlands, but also have a distributor in Belgium. So would you like to start serving Roze Bunker, you can. please contact us:

We are happy to help you install a water tap for sparkling water. Together with our water tap partners, we can think along and give discounts on the best installation in your cafe. 

For home, we recommend a sodastream, with which you can easily make sparkling tap water.


We developed the serving system in order to dispense our syrup easily and quickly. However, we do recommend using the serving system only if at least 1 bottle per week is drunk per flavor. If the turnover rate is lower, fermentation may occur during the hot summer months. We charge a €50 deposit for the serving system and we offer the Non-drips (dispenser) at a cost of €10.

Please contact us 🙂 We will help you choose from our flavors and how best to serve Roze Bunker with tap water. If you're in the area, we can stop by for a tasting and otherwise arrange a TASTE OF BUNKER sample pack.

Interested in business ordering?contact

We don't work with discounts. We would love to, but all of our budget goes to proper and mission-driven sourcing of ingredients. If you want large deliveries (from 420 bottles per delivery), we can make a price agreement

More than three hundred places in the Netherlands are currently solving problems by serving Roze Bunker. Will you help too?

We are supplied in the Netherlands by Dorstlust, Sligro, Nectar, Bidfood, Scheerder, Horesca Lieferink, Instock, De Clique, Mulco, Hocras, MOOS and Van Dorst. In Flanders we are supplied by Drinks52 and Verschueren.

For orders, please contact our distribution partners. Need help? Be sure to let us know. Contact

Yes we have the TASTE OF BUNKER sample pack. 6×100 ml of solution: Citrus Movement, Madame Gember, Gekke Bessen, Wilde IJsthee and Dhr. Peer. Send us a message and the TASTE OF BUNKER sample pack will come to you

We do not install this ourselves, but we do have good contact with a number of water tap suppliers: EcoTap and KRNWTR so please do get in touch if we can put you in touch!

We recommend Roze Bunker on the menu as your basic soft drink. But should you want to splurge with fancy garnishes, a big glass or put it in the mix, you can easily make it a premium of it.

The vast majority of deliveries are made by affiliated wholesalers. Should something be delivered by ourselves? That happens this delivery on Tuesday or Wednesday business. Usually shipped within 5 days

Product info


// Wilde IJsthee (the wild mix of local herbs and Nederthee increases the biodiversity)

// Dhr. Peer (van het lokale hoogstam ras Gieser Wildeman voor een biodivers landschap)

// Madame Gember (met ‘waste’ gember en Nederlandse Madame Jeanette)

// Gekke Bessen (vol lokale ‘afgekeurde’ bessen met een ‘verkeerd’ jasje)

// Bloesem Power (met onze zelf gestekte vlier vergroten we de biodiversiteit)

// Citrus Movement (met citroensap uit reststromen van lokale limoncellomakers)


// Estragon Sour (met een minimale hoeveelheid suiker en bevorderlijk voor de lokale teelt)

// Smoked Lime (van gerookte, niet-marketing groene limoenen en lokaal ‘onkruid’)

// Kill Kola 

//Dorstige Tulp

//Bitter Bloed

//Foraged Tonic

//Skinny Verbena


One bottle of Roze Bunker is one crate of soft drinks. We usually charge between 24 and 28 drinks per bottle.

From production, we give the bottles a shelf life of 2 years.

When you buy a bottle, you get a minimum shelf life of 4 months.

After opening, we recommend keeping the syrup refrigerated. You can keep the bottles unrefrigerated for a week and refrigerated for at least 3 weeks.

We are perhaps the only soft drink brand that manages its produce from ground to glass. We work with farmers for our ingredients, and we do some of the fruit processing ourselves and sometimes in collaboration with other food producers. Only bottling is something we do not currently do ourselves, because the machine can do it so much faster and more precisely than we can ourselves. That way we keep more time for our ingredients.

Syrup contains sugar; this sugar ensures shelf life and brings out the flavors in the syrup. We work with Dutch beet sugar, because it does not require cutting down virgin forests and is grown around the corner. There is only half to two-thirds sugar in Pink Bunker compared to common soft drinks.
We are always developing products with taste, sustainability or craft as a starting point. In our syrups, we use as much sugar as we deem necessary for preservation and flavor.

Yes, we use a little bit of citric acid to acidify our syrups. And you could also think of sugar as our preservative. But other than that, there are no artificial substances in them.

We choose not to certify because it limits our choice in the most sustainable ingredients. Organic is not always the most conscious if you have to have products come over from faraway places to do so. And although this crop is organic, for many farmers who plant Wilde IJsthee herbs with us, it is not realistic to go through a complicated certification process. We do not base our choices on a label, but on the most logical option.

We believe the best water comes from the tap, which is why we refuse to use so much packaging and transportation for ready-to-drink soft drinks.

For this, see also our answer regarding certifications: we always strive for the most conscious choice. Many of our ingredients are organic, but not exclusively, and therefore not certified.

As a consumer at one of our nicest stores. Search on this map for bottles for a store near you. Or through the webshop on our website.


Orders are shipped twice a week, (Tuesday and Thursday - around holidays this may vary) so you can expect it basically within three business days. Of course, we have no control over those fantastic delivery people, so there are always exceptions.

Yes this is possible, we are present on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. ParallelwegWest 18, Culemborg. Large order? mail Then we will put it ready.

When you place an order of €50, you pay no shipping costs.

Roze Bunker is shipped in cardboard boxes with intermediate compartments for protection during transport. We have boxes of 6/12 or 18 bottles.