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Fruit butcher's LAB line

LAB line

From our test kitchen, we are releasing the Fruit Butcher's LAB line. Over the past year, the fruit butchers have tested extensively with the "leftovers" from our syrup production. After all, flavor should not go in the trash. Fruit butchers are thrifty with good stuff and store creatively. Pressing pulp from fruit, cooked spices on alcohol, herbal infusions on vinegar. Produced by batch, and thus available in limited quantities: in our web shop and local stores.

Blub, blub. After months of aging in the fruit store basement, they are now ready: The first vinegars of our LAB line. just in time: because winter is the time when we pickle, brine and ferment. The last harvested flavors of the year, to be used until spring. We like to give culinary advice: after all, vinegar is not just for salads. Shrubs, Escabeche, cocktails, want to know more?

Red wine vinegar:

Together with Restaurant Choux in Amsterdam, the Fruit Butcher make vinegar. namely, from the leftover red natural wines they serve. Because nature makes from alcohol and oxygen: vinegar. Fermenting and creating has never been easier. After long enough aeration, this vinegar gets its nice balance of sweet, sour and tannins. Fruit butchers recommend: in gazpacho, to pickle vegetables or in dressing. Salut!

Elderflower vinegar:

Once a year, the Fruit Butcher go completely wild. Because everywhere, but everywhere, they see flavor; FLOWER FLOWER. After the little white flowers have perfumed our syrup, they go on vinegar for a few more days, supplemented with some fresh blossom. Floral, sour, fresh. Every glass of water gets the better of it. Yes, the month of May really makes us happy. But this vinegar allows you to enjoy it all year long! While supplies last lol. This vinegar is made from a second pull on natural elderflower vinegar from the Bloesem Power Syrup, for one week.

Estragon vinegar:

This living vinegar is the base of our Estragon Sour. why living? because the fruit farmers keep stuffing it full of (anise) flavors from nature. The country's finest tarragon from Warmonderhof, pruned fennel greens from City Farm Caetshage, wild yarrow and hops. This is how we create our complex tarragon vinegar. To make a killer bearnaise or to quench your mushrooms with. The Fruit Butcher would know, and all from the Netherlands. A natural vinegar flavored with lots of tarragon from the Warmonderhof in Dronten. We also used other anise tones from nature and from the land to make the taste a bit more complex such as fennel trimmings from Caetshage!

Apple cider vinegar:

We made vinegar from the "unusable" unfermented apple cider from Elegast Cidery in Hilversum. Apple cider vinegar made from standard apples from the Netherlands, also an ingredient of Mr. Peer! To be used in the kitchen or as a drinking vinegar, as she is in her element as part of a dressing, as a few drops over raw vegetables, or as a support in cocktails! In any dish, she can serve as a substitute for apple cider vinegar.