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Our mission


The fruit butchers of Roze Bunker tackle the sticky problems of the food industry with kilos of pure fruit and fresh herbs. A syrup is made only if it actually adds something to a better food system.

Why move water when it just comes out of the tap? By adding water only at the last minute, it saves a lot of transportation volume of an average soft drink brand. 1 bottle of Roze Bunker equals 1 crate of soda! That saves storage, lots of hauling and mountains of plastic.



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Roze Bunker started as a culinary, political, artistic, design, wild-picking, cultivating, strolling, collecting collective... So what do you do? Attacking problems that need attention with joy! Among soft drinks, we quickly found problems we could do something with. With this, the term "Fruit Butcher" came to life. The fruit butchers designed and produced their first logical soft drink during Dutch Design Week 2016.

As fruit butchers, we prefer not to throw anything away. We experiment with the fruit scraps to make new products. Modern Peelpioneers peel farmers use the essential oils and pulp from all our citrus peels, and Rebottled processes our used bottles for our own glassware. For the development of new products, we are always open to great collaborations. We'd love to share the sticky process of these ambitions with you. Follow us on Social Media or get in touch with your wildest ideas.

Roze Bunker fruit farmers are transforming the soft drink industry from the ground up to the glass. We plant biodiversity, process waste streams and together shorten the food chain. Soft drinks as a solution! 


Together with the industry, we are making the fruit chain circular from bud to stem. This year we expect to squeeze 36,000 kilos of peeled lemons from the limoncello industry for our Citrus Movement, and brew our own Basilomoncello from the leftovers.

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The Fruit Butcher LAB line

After pouring off the syrup, fruit pulp, spices, herbs and peel remain in the kettles. So is that waste? The fruit farmers say: what has flavor doesn't belong in the container! And so it goes into our LAB. We put things on sugar, alcohol, salt, brine or vinegar to create new, surprising flavors. And we don't do this experimentation alone: we collaborate with brewers, beekeepers and blossom bees and together make the most of what nature gives us.



Together with farmers, fruit farmers plant flowers and native herbs that are good for soil and insects and create new sustainable revenue models for growers. This year, we are planting at least 4 acres of biodiversity for Bloesem Power and Wilde IJsthee.

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Wilde IJsthee 

The fruit butchers of Roze Bunker developed a soft drink with which they sow biodiversity. It tastes like the Wild Iced Tea, a Dutch green iced tea from the tasty, indigenous flavors around us. From the land to the glass and from the farmer to the customer. While you're drinking, we'll sow. We do this through regenerative cultivation, so that we do not take nature together, but rather restore it.

In 2023, we worked together with the Farmers and Growers: Food Forest Lingehout, Biltschehoek, Nieuwe Bodem, Eemlandhoeve, Gijs de Raad, Erve Kiekebos, De Korte Weg

Cheers, to the enjoyment of a beautiful landscape!

Contributors to this video were: Mission: Emile Corre, Camera: Karim Jobe, Art: Mélanie Corre, Voice & Production Chief: Tom van Styn. Sarah Doorduin: Contact farmers. And of course all the fruit butchers from Roze Bunker.


Bloesem Power

Our annual Elderflower Picking Tournament is about to get even more awesome now that the cuttings from our own food forest have been planted. A biodiverse piece of land where the elder will soon show off accompanied by a delicious blend of herbs. Get a taste for it with the video below!


Shorter Supply Chain

Together with local farmers, we shorten the chains, reducing emissions and creating a healthy decentralized economy. Once again this year, our "Gekke Bessen" are growing within ten minutes' distance and processing local highly mashed berries in Dhr. Peer.

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Of course, our story does not stop with the production of bottles of syrup. It is borne by an enthusiastic network of restaurants, cafes, festivals and consumers who carry our fruit revolution and beyond.

What binds us is that we recognize that there are no single issues to address, but that we see challenges all around us to strive for positive change. And what motivates us is the many already existing initiatives that contribute to making the world a little nicer.


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