The fruit butchers delved into the bitter truth of the orange industry. While we can enjoy these orange exotics year-round, people around the world are getting sick because of excessive pesticide use. And all the while the bitters in their peels are actually attributed medicinal properties in many cultures. Accompanied by native bitter herbs and roasted oak, the organic brethren of (blood) oranges and grapefruit form a multi-purpose solution: mix at 1:3 for a 0.0 Negroni, 1:5 for an unsprayed Spritz or 1:8 for a "waste saving" Soda.

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Fruit butchers are turning the bitter aftertaste in the orange industry into a solution: Bitter Aperitivo!

Ingredients: infusion of fruits and herbs, (water, orange, grapefruit, oak, gentian root, calamus root, purple carrot), sugar, 10% blood orange juice, food acid: citric acid, salt..,

Bitter Bloed Spritz

0.0 negroni

  • 2 parts Zucca or Cynar 
  • 1 part Bitter Bloed
  • 5 parts prosecco

garnish with grapefruit/blood orange

  • 1 part Bitter Bloed
  • 3 parts sparkling water

garnish with and grapefruit/blood orange

optional: drizzle of walnut or olive oil

Alcohol Alcohol-free