Tulips are the symbol of Dutch pride and efficiency. But what is pride without sustainability? When the fruit butcher discovered that the vast majority of tulips are sprayed with pesticides, it was time for a solution. A floral tulip syrup with a hint of spicy bay leaf and a hint of strawberry, made in collaboration with farmers who did switch to organic cultivation. To make the bulb grow, the flowers are "budded," and let it be full of flavor! This is how we add value to a residual flow and together put our shoulders under the sustainability of our national symbol. You have never tasted this proud bouquet of tulips before!

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The tulip shares its beautiful flowers, the fruit bearing ensures that they no longer end up in the trash, but in our glass.

Ingredients: infusion of herbs and fruits, (water, 2% tulip, strawberry, red pepper, bay leaf), sugar, tulip vinegar, food acid: citric acid...,

Dutch headbutt

Dutch kopstoot 0.0%

  • 1 part Dorstige Tulp
  • 1 part gin
  • 3 parts cold lager
  • 1 part Dorstige Tulp
  • 1 part non-alcoholic gin
  • 3 parts cold 0.0% lager
Alcohol Alcohol-free