Estragon Sour wins the international 0.0.0% golden medal and for good reason. Little sugar, no alcohol and a positive impact on the globe. This bottle beats all liquor cabinet awards and shifts the taste of soda. Estragon (Dragon) lays an intoxicating blanket of anise tones on your tongue, chasing away your lust for alcohol, while the sour base of unripe grapes and live vinegar provides a powerful weapon to drive sugars from your glass. Estragon (tarragon) sour suffices in a smoky liquor cabinet and is your best friend for an evening of non-alcoholic cocktails.

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Tarragon, logically grown is transformed by the fruit butcher into non Spirit. 0.0%

Ingredients: infusion of fruits and herbs, (water,, grape, 2% tarragon, spruce, fennel seed, hops , lavender), sugar, lemon juice, 4.5% tarragon vinegar, food acid: citric acid, salt,

Mezcal Sour

Dragon Toddy

With Estragon Sour you mix seductive cocktails. The perfect base for a Mezcal Sour.

  • 2 parts Estragon Sour
  • 1 part Mezcal
  • 2 parts sparkling water

Finish with ice cubes and wild herbs to taste

Estragon Sour mixes seductive cocktails. The perfect base for a virgin Dragon Toddy

  • 1 part Estragon Sour
  • 2 parts green tea
  • Fresh Ginger and honey to taste

Heat the mixture and steep for a few minutes. Pour through a strainer and finish with some lavender

Alcohol Alcohol-free