Foraged Tonic

COMING SOON!!! (In the Pink Bunker assortment!) In this bottle you will find the finest herbs, to be picked in the Dutch wild nature. During the distant voyages to the colonies, tonic was once discovered. But when the fruit farmers dove into the local forest, after much experimentation they found the perfect combination of herbs and trees. Around us, flavor is always hidden. Do you also recognize the plants of this floral, medicinal and spicy tonic in the wild? The fruit layers take you on a wild picking adventure from soil to glass. Get out into nature and learn! Let Gin support you after a long game picking trip and taste the power of nature in a wild Gin Tonic.

Serving tips Ingredients
Mission Foraged Tonic

With the fruit hunter, find these native herbs around you: Spruce (Abies Fraseri), 2. Lemon verbena, 3. Chamomile, 4. Walnut leaf, 5. Gentian root, 6. Absinthe wormwood, 7. fig leaf, 8. calamus leaf.

Ingredients: infusion of herbs and plants, (spruce (abies fraseri), gentian, absinth, walnut leaf, calamus root, chamomile, vervein, fig leaf), sugar, citric acid,

Alcohol Alcohol-free