Some berries deviate from the ideal picture, but ain't no such thing! The fruit farmers think Gekke Bessen are just too crazy. Gekke Bessen is an ode to the whole spectrum of the Dutch berry world. A syrup made from berries that are normally refused, that look just a little bit different. We just have to have those! Tasty residual streams rule the roost here. Blackcurrants, raspberries, white and red currants, chokeberry, blackberries.... All squeezed pulps go to ferment on vinegar after a few days and provide complexity. Wild blackberry leaf and vervein from Warmonderhof provide a green, fresh finish. This is how the fruit farmers brew a Dutch cassis: like biting through a berry!

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Each berry is given a chance and lovingly rescued by the fruit butcher from the industry's clutter.

Ingredients: infusion of fruits and herbs, (water, lime , rosemary , hops), sugar, natural vinegar , 20% currant juice, 10% blackberry juice, 5% raspberry juice, food acid: citric acid, salt,

Gekke Bessen Daiqury

Berry Shrub

1 part Madberry syrup

1 part white rum
1 part lime juice
1 wedge of lime, 1 sprig of rosemary

1 part madberry syrup
1 part red wine vinegar from Fruit Butcher
5 parts sparkling water
Finish with a sprig of rosemary

Alcohol Alcohol-free