kill kola

Kill Kola! The impossible mission has only just begun. Our archenemy is irreplaceable but oh-so-polluting. And so we go to war with relish against the biggest soda industry smear. It promises to be a pitched battle against unnecessary packaging and useless transportation miles. Because, instead of creating waste, this Kola cleans up! With a tangy, dark taste of residual streams, we are making a bid for the top seat in the realm of soft drinks. Join our revolution and pour with as much pungency as possible! Because only together will we chase the polluters out of the country. KILL KOLA! *may contain traces of gluten

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Drink this bottle and toast to a world with less plastic and more flavor! 1 bottle = 1 crate

Ingredients: infusion of fruits and spices , (water, lemon peel , lime peel , orange peel, ginger, coriander seed, madame jeanette, lime leaf, spices), sugar, lemon juice, soft sugar, orange juice, lime juice, cane molasses, food acid: citric acid, salt, Allergy information contains: Soy,


Lime Cola

1 part Kill Kola  

1 part white rum

4 parts sparkling water

splash of lime juice, ice cubes


1 part Kill Kola

1 part lime juice

4 parts sparkling water

wedges of lime, ice cubes


Alcohol Alcohol-free