Lime often comes uninvited from afar. But if the juicy, tropical fruit is even a shade less green, it ends up on the steaming compost pile after its world tour. A shame! The fruitslager welcomes these distant travelers with open arms. To chase away the evil spirits of the industry, we ritually smoke the lime on a bed of sweet bedstraw and sage. This gives the Smoked Lime its peculiar Mezcal character, with vanilla notes from local "weeds" and a balanced smoke flavor. Risen from the ashes, the Smoked Lime holds its own among alcoholic beverages - although a welcome cocktail from the fruit butcher can also provide fireworks!

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Limes that come from afar and are destroyed for are destroyed for nothing are collected by the fruit butchers.

Ingredients: infusion of fruits and herbs, (water, 10% smoked lime, orange, dear lady's bedstraw, dear lady's bedstraw, salt , citric acid, lime leaf), sugar, 20% lime juice, salt , Nutritive acid: citric acid,

Smoked Pisco Sour

Virgin Smoked Margarita

1 part smoked lime
1 part pisco
splash of lime juice
bit of egg white (aquafaba for vegan option)

Shake dry first, then wet. Finish with angostura bitters.

1 part Smoked Lime
4 parts dry tonic
splash of lime
salt rim

Alcohol Alcohol-free